Facilities and services

  • Dairy Routine Fertility Visits
  • Beef Routine Fertility Visits
  • Sick animal calls
  • Herd/Flock Health Plans
  • Mastitis Investigations
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Bull/Ram Fertility Examination
  • Surgery - on farm and in house
  • Dehorning/castrating/disbudding
  • Hospitalisation of calves
  • In house laboratory including worm egg counts and microscopy


Routine Fertility Visits

We offer 2 or 4 weekly regular visits to our Dairy clients, and a tailored scheme for our Beef clients - fitting to their calving pattern. Using ultrasound scanners, we can diagnose pregnancy down to 30 days post service. As well as PD's, post calving checks and examination of non-seen-bullers can be carried out leading to prompt treatment of problem cows. If milk recording, analysis of records can be carried out regularly. These visits are an opportunity to discuss anything "herd health" as well as tackling fertility issues.Routine visits enrol the client on to our discount scheme.


Sick Animal Calls

Though preventative treatment and herd health is essential, sometimes it's about the individual - whether you have a cow off feed, or a group of coughing calves.


Herd and Flock Health Plans

We have in house flock and herd health plans that have been put together to meet farm assurance scheme requirements. They are also an opportunity to discuss routine treatments, such as vaccinations and worming and review protocols to ensure you have up to date advice on routine preventions


Mastitis Investigations

These generally involve on farm visit and discussion as well as analysis of any data you have, whether from milk recordings or simply from your medicine books and milk cheque data (SCC and TBC). We have Interherd and Interherd+ software in house to allow us to analyse your milk recording data. We also carry out DairyCo Mastitis Control Plans.


Nutritional Advice

Advice on nutrition is always available. There is a particular interest in negative energy balance and ketosis in dairy cows at present and so we are happy to advise on diagnosis/testing, treatment and prevention.


Bull and Ram Fertility Exam

A lot of emphasis is put on cow fertility, but one faulty bull could cost a farmer dearly in loss of production. Similarly, a ram's fertility can be the difference between profit and loss for a sheep farmer. Testing semen can give you peace of mind that the animal is fit and ready to work. If you are selling bulls or rams for breeding, testing prior to sale can be an added "selling point".

The exam includes a physical examination, particularly focussing on aspects that would affect a their ability to serve - e.g. feet and eyes. Examination of the genital tract including the scrotum is carried out and then a semen sample obtained via electro-ejaculation. Semen is examined under a microscope to assess its motility and viability. Bull testing is carried out on farm, but rams can be tested in the surgery if more convenient.



Cattle surgery is generally performed on farm but we have facilities to operate in-house if this is more suitable or convenient. We routinely carry out cow and ewe caesarians as well as displaced abomasum operations and calf hernias, but are happy to get involved in the more unusual cases. All vets carry sterile surgical kits.


Calf Hospitalisation

We have the space to hospitalise several calves, with heat lamps and IV fluids if required. Our surgery is staffed 24 hours a day, so patients can be monitored regularly throughout the night and treated as necesssary.

In-house Laboratory

We have a well equpped in-house laboratory allowing us to do:-

  • bloods on downer cows - results are availble for calcium, magnesium and phosphorus within half an hour
  • worm egg counts - next day results will tell you whether you need to worm or not and so can help with a more strategic approach to worming
  • Skin scrapes - examination of sheep skin scrapes can assist us in diagnosis of sheep scab and lice